Volunteer Bristol gains quality accreditation mark

Volunteer Bristol is proud to have been awarded the Volunteer Centre Quality Accreditation mark by Volunteering England.  The VCQA as it is known, recognises our performance across six main areas of work: brokerage, marketing, good practice development, developing volunteering opportunities, policy response and campaigning, and strategic develop of volunteering.  It means that we will remain an 'official' Volunteer Centre for another three years. 

Here's what the assessors said:

"This is a strong portfolio of well chosen evidence that has been clearly presented.  It demonstrates that the VC has fulfilled all 6 core functions to a good degree.  The developing new opportunities and strategic development of volunteering functions have been particularly well evidenced.  The VC has a good record of working with marginalized communities which has been demonstrated in a number of core functions. The VC is involved in a number of exciting projects including Boost and Green Volunteers.  It was good to read about these."