Voluntary opportunity registration

This is where you tell us about your volunteer roles.  

We are happy to list volunteer opportunities on the National Volunteer Database Do-it on behalf of any organisation, however Voscur members will also benefit from additional promotion on our website, social media, bulletin, events and drop-in centre.  Follow this link to the membership page, giving you further details. 

Your opportunities will be advertised with us for a maximum of six months, unless you state otherwise.    

If you have previously posted roles with us that are no longer appearing on the www.do-it.org website or on our pages it may be that they have expired.  

To save you from completing this form again and reregistering the opportunity, please email info@volunteerbristol.org.uk with the name of your organisation, the title of the opportunity and how long you would like it to be posted for and we will update it.

Please remember to inform us when your opportunities are filled, so we can keep details updated.

Details of your organisation
In no more than 100 words - if you have already registered an opportunity with us, we already have this information, so please simply write 'registered'
If you are not a Voscur member, we will only be able to promote your opportunity on Do-it, and you will not be eligible for additional brokerage benefits. Please refer to link at the top of the registration form for information about the simple membership application process.
Details of your opportunity
Please word this like an advert - it will be used to attract potential volunteers! Minimum 75 characters, maximum 200 words. If you are also keen to be contacted as soon as possible, it may be an idea to add your email and telephone number to the body of this description.
Please specify the days and times when volunteers are required (i.e. am, pm, evening, weekly, monthly).
If you recruit enough volunteers and the role is no longer available, please email info@volunteerbristol.org.uk. Long term posts will be registered for a year, it will then be the organisations responsibility to contact Volunteer Bristol to update the role. Other roles will be promoted for 6 months then removed from Do-It and other websites.
Please tick up to five categories which are the most appropriate to your organisation's aims
Please tick up to 5 key activities involved in this role
Contact for this opportunity
Further information about your opportunity
If yes, please give details: e.g. buse fares, car/bike mileage, lunch, childcare etc
Please give details: e.g. supervision, team meetings etc
e.g. induction, formal qualifications, 'on the job' training
YesNoNot known
Equal opportunities policy
Health & safety policy
Liability insurance covering volunteers
Disabled access available for this role
e.g. child protection, grievance etc